E22 knocked off by GHO, Mother Goose Knocked off nest…Saturday in Bird World

1 April 2022

Good Morning Everyone!

Remember when I said everything was going to start happening at once? Well, that day is today. I can hardly log in a UK Osprey arrival, and there is another one. The winds must have been perfect. E21 took his second flight with 22 waiting on the branch. Missy and Lewis were certainly counting on 22 going first until that GHO caused 21 to fledge and then fly. Eaglets in nests appear to be doing well.

Missy and Lewis were very busy on Friday helping with the bathroom renovations. Then, just about the time they were tired, a new little scratch post and toy arrived for them. They had a full day. I hope they sleep through the night!

The bonus is they used it as a scratching post, too. Chasing the furry balls around was a big hit! And they didn’t go under the cabinets. Yahoo.

It was a bit of a sad day, also, as I was writing the Saturday newsletter Friday afternoon. It was a year ago today that we lost Grinnell, Annie’s long-time mate at The Campanile, on the grounds of the University of California at Berkeley.

Arlene Beech caught the intrusion at Mother Goose’s nest. 2023 feels like it is the ‘Year of the Intruder’.

Tandem feedings for H19 and H20 at Pittsburgh-Hayes in the damp cool weather.

Blue 22 might have some misgivings about that unringed female on the Poole Harbour nest. They were all cosied up and his mate, CJ7 arrived today. Blue 22 brought in a fish and the unringed female took it. Will she stay away?

CJ7 on her arrival.

CJ7 and the unringed female fish calling together at Blue 22. The unringed female got the fish. I wonder what CJ7 is saying to Blue 22 today?

The resident male at Lyn Brenig, LJ2, has returned from his migration safely back to Wales.

Meanwhile, at Manton Bay Rutland, Maya checks the rails and inspects the egg cup.

She is drop-dead gorgeous.

Blue 33 did an incredible job getting that nest together for her.

Telyn and Idris continue to get reacquainted. Gosh, I am so happy to see them. I am a great fan of Idris. Apologies beforehand. You will get sick of me singing his praises before the end of the season.

Telyn is tired.

Idris ‘Daddy Long Legs’ enjoying a nice fish.

LM6 has returned to Llyn Brenig so both resident Ospreys are home (she lost her ring last year). Nice. She arrived this morning.

E21 took his second flight. 22 looks so lonely in the nest. He will fly soon!

E22 waiting for a prey drop and for its big sib to return to the nest.

E22 spent the night on the nest tree alone. Where is 21? Has anyone seen him since he flew off today? I hope he is at another tree on the property being fed by M15, but if he has not been seen, this is worrisome. Remember Superbeaks. They are a good example this year. The fledglings need to return to the nest.

It was no a peaceful night, E22 got hit twice by the GHO and like his older sibling was knocked from the nest tree. ‘A’ sent the news: ‘E22, spending his first night alone in the attic, was knocked off his perch around 1.14am by a GHO. He was knocked off the branch and fell to the basement, just below the nest. A second strike by the GHO knocked him lower down the tree. I presume that from this position, he will have no choice but to fly away from the tree if he is to attempt a return to the nest, just as E21 did yesterday.’

Lady Hawk got it on video.

 Our Bitty is OK. He is in the tree. Thanks Nancy M Lockwood! M15 has brought a fish Saturday morning and neither eaglet arrived at the nest to eat it. He is trying to get them to come home so he can feed them in the nest. Fingers crossed.

This is why GHOs are not on my most-liked list. There is no reason other than territory that they should be attacking M15 and his eaglets.

The triplets at PA Farm Country seem to be doing awesome.

We were all saddened when Liberty and Guardian’s only egg of the 2023 season did not hatch on the expected date and, instead, exploded. Here is a great explanation about why that might have happened.

Nancy is hanging in there. There is an intense blizzard at the MN-DNR nest and she has her 5 day old eaglet under her. Send her your best and most positive wishes.

The monofilament line has not proven to be a problem in the last few days. All is well at the Moorings Park Osprey nest of Sally, Harry, Abby and Victor. Those are beautiful babies. Just look at those feathers.

Worcester Peregrine Falcons now have four eggs.

There is some good news coming out of the London Zoo today. Congratulations.

Maybe, just maybe the police and other authorities will persecute as they should! Raptor Persecution UK is reporting an arrest has been made in the deliberate shooting of five goshawks.

When the authorities start doing the right thing many people will be arrested for their crimes against raptors. Here is another!

From Raptor Persecution UK: “Police Scotland have arrested a 56-year old man as part of their investigation into the shooting of a red kite on a grouse moor on Lochindorb Estate earlier this week.

A rough estimation of Lochindorb Estate boundary at the edge of the Cairngorms National Park

It’s hard to keep up with all the raptor persecution news this week, but this is the red kite that members of the public witnessed being shot on the grouse moor on Monday 27th March 2023 at around 11.15am. The Scottish SPCA attended the scene along with Police Scotland but unfortunately the kite’s injuries were so devastating that the bird had to be euthanised (see here).

Police Scotland issued a very fast appeal for information on Tuesday, saying they were particularly interested in finding witnesses who might have seen quad bikes or off-road vehicles in the area on Monday morning.

Yesterday afternoon (Friday 31st March 2023) Police Scotland issued the following short statement:

Arrest after bird of prey shot near Grantown-on-Spey

A 56-year-old man has been arrested and released pending further investigation after a bird of prey was shot near Grantown-on-Spey.

Officers received a report of a bird being shot around 11.15am on Monday, 27 March, 2023, at the Lochindorb Estate.

I hope that these arrests and the heaviest fines and sentences will begin to deter this despicable behaviour.

My friend, Claudio, has been asking me about the storm in the Mississippi area. Sadly, numerous trees are downed in the area of the FlyWay. This is one fatality confirmed in terms of an Eagle’s nest. So very sad for them. There will be others. This was a massive storm system.

Karl II and Kaia, the Black Storks from the Karula National Forest, are gradually heading north. Kaia is in Turkey and Karl II is in Moldova north of Chisinau. Waba remains in Sudan.

Karl II is feeding at these ponds.

Looking for a book that will teach children about the wonders of wildlife rehabilitation. Christie Gove-Berg has a beautifully illustrated one about a young peregrine falcon injured when the wind forced her into a building. Suitable for children ages 4-12.

Thank you for being with us today. We hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend. Take care. See you soon!

Thank you to the following for their notes, tweets, videos, posts, websites, and streaming cams that helped to make up my blog today: ‘A’, ‘H’, ‘Claudio’ Cal Falcons, Arlene Beech and the Goose Cam, PIX, Poole Harbour Ospreys, Llyn Brenig, LRWT, Dyfi Ospreys, HeidiMc and SW Florida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, SW Florida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Lady Hawk and SW Florida and D Pritchett, PA Farm Country, FORE, MN-DNR, Peregrine Falcons in Worcester, London Evening Standard, Raptor Persecution UK, the Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge, Looduskalender Forum, Amazon and Christie Gove-Berg.


  1. B says:

    Will always miss sweet Grinnell, dedicated partner to Annie and super dad to all those Campanile falcons.

    Hoping for a swift return to the nest by E21 and E22 in SW FL !

    1. Yes, he was so very special. Did they ever put up a plaque or something near The Campanile for Grinnell? I have not heard. I sure hope 22 gets up there…M15 is working to lure him. Finger crossed.

  2. Alison says:

    A number of small birds (chatters mentioned shrikes) continually dive-bombed E22 where he was perched below the nest (it reminded me of the Sydney sea eaglets). In the end, he was prompted to fly if only to get away from them. He first flew to a branch higher in the nest tree, then flew away from the nest tree, along the highway and across the road.

    We now wait to see whether one or both Es returns for food later today. Certainly, E21 appears strong enough to fly well. Whether E22 really was ready to fledge, having done so much less wingercising than E21, we will soon find out. I always felt he was at least a week behind E21 in that regard, but he is strong and determined. Still, it would have been nice to have them fledge without GHO involvement!!

    As we know, GHOs prefer not to go to the effort of building their own nests and prefer ‘repurposing’ those of other birds. So the only logical reason I can think of for the GHOs’ aggression towards the bald eagles is that is intended to drive them away. If they can make themselves so annoying that the nest becomes a ‘non-viable’ place for the eagles to raise chicks, the eagles leave, allowing the GHOs to steal the nests for themselves.

    1. The oddest thing. I have seen GHOs take out Bald Eagles and take over their nests but not the other way around. perhaps my head has been in the sand and this is a common occurrence and I do not know about it. M15 now trying to lure 22 who is on the nest tree up to get a fish. Fingers crossed. I do dislike GH)s a lot..and little pesky birds that chase fledglings, too. Of course, it will be the rest of their life. Big Red has a Mockingbird that always bothers her.

  3. Linda Kontol says:

    Hello Mary Ann and thanks for all the updates, photos, and links. The kittens are so cute with their toys. Thanks for sharing them with us. 💕💕
    I’m so sad for the E’s and so worried about their well being. The owl doesn’t have any owlets in the nest and it determines to get rid of M15 all
    Eagles. Harrietts family has been there lot longer than the owls. It’s so sad that the owl can’t be run off from the area instead of our eagles if that is what is happening.
    It is also
    Very sad that a year has passed since we lot Grinnell. He was such an awesome mate to Annie and dad for his family. ❤️
    Also sad to hear about the goose. I haven’t read the latest yet and hope all
    Is well there again today.
    Thanks Mary Ann and have a good Saturday!

    1. You are so very welcome, Linda. Oh, I cried when I saw it had been a year – should have realised but I think with all the trouble at the nests that it was too much yesterday! Hoping E22 gets up to that nest..glad you enjoy the kittens. They are sequestered today in the conservatory since the glass is going in on the shower. Hopefully the workmen will be done today and the kittens can be free!

  4. Geemeff says:

    Well done E22 the miracle eaglet – you never cease to amaze, such a strong will to live you have! Great video from Lady Hawk, I watched it on my big screen telly and it’s sensational. I’m not a fan of GHO’s either.. thanks as always for your interesting updates, Mary Ann.

    1. You are so very welcome. My pleasure. 22 is very special. That was a lovely flight. Now if he could just get up to that nest and grab that fish that M15 keeps teasing him with. I always hate to say it. I know it is territorial protection but still…give M15 a break. No one is bothering their nest! They raise havoc in our neighbourhood. I adore goshawks but not near osprey nests so I worry about Poole Harbour again…

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