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2 April 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

First up, thanks to ‘MC’, just a correction. I had understood that both ospreys were back at Llyn Brenig but the unringed female on the nest Friday/Saturday is not LM6. She did, indeed, lose her coloured band but MC tells me she still had her BTO band so this bird is not her.

This is how I began my blog yesterday – the paragraph below. Sunday morning reveals how devastating the storms are that went across the US. Besides the winds, the heavy snow has caused nests to collapse. The toll will get higher than the three mentioned in my report. Our thoughts are with those touched by that strong weather system, and our hearts are breaking for the loss of the eaglets.

Saturday was a very stressful day because of the Es. E22 is now back on the nest tree, and M15 has been in and out of the nest trying to lure him up to get the fish. When I write this, nothing has been seen of E21. Any time a fledgling flies off the nest and does not return, it is a concern. So, to keep my mind a little calmer, I had Ferris Akel’s Tour in the background. Thank goodness for calm!

E22 below the nest. This is the same place that he was a night fall and it is a good location because he is not so out in the open for the GHOs to hit. ‘A; asks why he doesn’t just fly up to the nest. I am not a bird – there are times I wish I was! But my understanding that he needs to fly off the branch, circle a bit and then fly to the nest. Just flying ‘up’ doesn’t appear to be working for him. That said, this is not a good three-dimensional image of the nest to determine the proper path he would need to take to get to the nest.

M15 trying to lure 22 down to the nest.

M15 even made Southern Living Magazine! If only these stories could generate a change in attitude by the public at large against loss of habitat, banning lead in every form, legislation against rodenticide and the 30 or more other ways in which humans impact the lives of our raptors…I would be happy.


Here is E22’s adventure caught by Vicky/Wiskernwings. I love how she talks to the eaglets. HeidiMc recommends starting at 23:50 (the video is long). It shows our Bitty having some goofy times on his first outing.

Real Saunders Photography shows the Butcher birds annoying our Bitty that drives him off the tree after the owl strike. Oh, Bitty get up in that nest! That is all you need to do now for Dad to take care of you. You certainly can fly!

Of course, on top of everything, the house is a building site. Lewis and Missy have been sequestered in the conservatory for their safety today. The workmen have just left – 1400. There might be a new shower in the bath on Monday!

They are not too happy but aren’t misbehaving, just taking it all in stride. The looks they gave me were priceless.

I do not know about you but I have needed a diversion today. There is too much happening including the disappearance and death of elderly Bald Eagles, tornadoes ripping raptor nests out of trees, and of course, the Es. I lurked during Ferris Akel’s Saturday tour and turned to watch when I heard he had found some ducks…

Ferris did turn up lots of waterfowl. It was a great Saturday. Ospreys, Northern Shovelers, a Sandhill Crane, some Canadian Geese and Snow Geese, Ring-necked ducks, Trumpeter Swans, eagle nests waiting for their owners, Common Mergansers and herons, tonnes of herons in their nests!

The Osprey was at quite a distance.

A male Shoveler. Note the size of their bill and its shape like a ‘shovel’ – hence the name. You cannot mistake the male Shovelers.

Common Merganser, male:

Common Merganser, female:

Canada Goose and a Trumpeter Swan:

Snow Geese feeding in the fields from the grain left from the fall:

A Dark Morph Snow Goose:

The lone Sandhill Crane:

A lone Cardinal:

Heron nests – they were everywhere with more herons flying in.

More destruction on the boundary between Tennessee and Kentucky to another eagle nest. How many have been destroyed during the recent thunderstorms and tornadoes besides this one and the Mississippi Flyway nest of the Trio? Have you heard of any others?

Thankfully, River did not have to deal with a tornado. Since Obey disappeared on Tuesday, she has lots to do to secure the nest and take care of the three eaglets. Dale Hollow Cam said that River ‘cried’ Tuesday evening for Obey. We should never underestimate the grief of our wildlife. River has no choice, just like M15. She has to carry on. She has a nest of youngsters to try and feed and raise. So far, she is doing splendidly. Let us hope as they age that, it gets easier for her. She is no spring chicken. Sadly, many of our beloved raptors have lived longer than many imagine. Send positive wishes to her and all the nests. At one time, I learned that there were 25-28 Bald Eagle nests around River and Obey’s nest. That is an enormous number of raptors wanting the same resources. Again, let us hope she can keep the precious fish she catches so she and her babies can eat.

The top two pictures are from early Saturday. The others later in the day. The mate’s absence has to have been so stressful for River and M15. I say this because the kittens were upset about the workmen in the house. That is peanuts compared to what these two Bald Eagles have to go through. M15 persevered against all the odds. Good wishes out to River so she can do the same.

The intruder is still around the nest of River and Obey. It is this intruder that might have injured or killed River. Please go away.

‘A’ sent in a good report of what is happening at this nest:

“River is really doing so much work. The intruder/s is/are landing in the nest tree, forcing River to literally defend her eaglets, who spent a lot of time pancaked yesterday. All three knew what to do and instinctively did so, which helped mum concentrate on what she was doing. I worry that she is getting tired, though the fish she is bringing in are so large that two a day, or even one on occasion, is plenty for both mum and the eaglets. All three eaglets continue to thrive and are constantly dragging giant crops around the nest. They get along famously when food is removed from the equation and DH19, although it respects is position in the pecking order, still has confidence to eat right beside its older siblings once DH17 has eaten its fill. Neither of the older two prevent DH 19 from eating, and although 17 occasionally beaks it, the submission is usually voluntary and not reactionary, with 19 just automatically taking up the submissive pose to wait for its turn.

The situation is one day at a time, as I said yesterday, but so far, River is doing an amazing job. She is one big mama, and she is very protective – of her nest and her babies and their food. She is fantastic to watch in full throttle, as it were. It would be a very brave, very stupid or very hungry eagle that chose to try and tackle her directly. This of course is where she has an advantage over M15, who usually has been dealing with female intruders, who are (sometimes much) larger than he is. River is bigger than most of the females and all the males. But three mouths are a lot to feed on her own, so we watch and we wait and we wish her and her eaglets all the luck in the world.”

River keeping her babies close to her Saturday night.

The Obey River that runs by the nest of River and Obey and their eaglets. If you did not know how the adult eagles got their name, there is your hint. Isn’t it beautiful?

The three at PA Country Farms continue to thrive.

In the beginning I had doubts about how Rose would do as a new mother. It was sure fortunate that Ron got in there and helped, but now, Rose has really come into her own. Those little fluff balls of hers – OK, not so fluffy anymore – are doing fantastic, and R5 always leaves the table with a nice crop. The screen captures are from HeidiMc who watches this nest diligently. It is unfortunate that so many people do not watch the feedings all the way through. Spread the word. R5 is fine.

Heidi Mc confirms that Audrey is back on the Osprey platform at the Chesapeake Conservancy. No sign of Tom yet. Audrey was first reported being back on the 17th of March.

Blue 33 is very good to bring in the fish and oh, is he lucky. Rutland stocks that water right by his nest! Often he brings in a whopper that is still alive and he did that precise thing Saturday morning. Maya finally got control of it and flew off. They have been seen mating and we await eggs.

Blue NC0 has been at the Loch of the Lowes nest all day Saturday. It was like Big Red hanging around the day she finally laid her egg. Expecting an egg for Laddie and NC0 right away! She looks to be in top form. This is good. I love the shine of her beak and those beautiful feathers. What a gorgeous necklace she has. Good luck this year.

John Williams posted a really good image of Dylan and Seren at Llyn Clywedog today. Super couple.

Victor sometimes causes grief. A late fish came in, and he was up and eating. Abby went up to eat, and then Victor gave her a little peck, and, of course, they looked directly into one another’s eyes. It is rule number 1, Victor – do NOT look your beaking sibling in the eye. It makes them mad. And, of course, it did. Otherwise, they are a month old and doing well.

It is generally recognised that around 35-36 days the amount of daily weight gain levels off for male ospreys while that amount continues to grow for the females who need to add another 30-33% of mass and feathers. It is the reason that male ospreys sometimes fledge first because they have finished developing long before the females. We should be able to see in about 10 days time if Abby’s growth takes off and she gets larger than Victor – confirming that she is potentially a female.

Nancy survived the snow storm and so did her precious eaglet. Thank goodness. You may remember that Nancy lost her young male mate last year, Harry. She was left with two eaglets. E1 killed E2 by pushing it off the nest. It was quite tragic as they were all feathered. Nancy was just not able to get the food on the nest fast enough for them. Again, think of River now and send her all your good energy.

Sadly, these could be the last images of the little eaglet at MN-DNR. The nest has totally collapsed due to the storms.

There is going to have to be a concentrated effort – because of the sheer number of Bald Eagles and the lack of nests – to start building artificial nests for the eagles in the US due to the weather conditions caused by

Those storms hit Illinois and Indiana as well. Thankfully the Bald Eagle nest at St Patrick’s Park in South Bend, home to Little Bit ND17, is in tact. No eggs this year. Mum disappeared and there is a young female with Dad.

It was an osprey nest but the geese have taken over and today, with snow on the ground, the first egg for the Canada Geese was laid at Charlo Montana.

Arlene Beech has it for us on video.

Beautiful Mama Goose at her nest at Decorah, Iowa. Fingers crossed that no bad weather disturbs her. There should be 7 or 8 eggs today.

It is windy at the nest of Iris at Hellgate Canyon in Missoula, Montana. Iris’s favourite day to return to her nest is 7 April. Let’s see if her migration clock works this year. Here is the link to Iris’s streaming cam – and if you don’t know her, she is the oldest known Osprey alive in the world. Are we kissing 30 this year?

On Sunday, Louis arrived home at Loch Arkaig. Thanks Geemeff for the note and the video. As you say, no one is going to sleep for six months now!

Karl II and Kaia are still moving a bit and foraging along the return route to their nest in Estonia. Waba continues to stay in Sudan.

Karl II is in Moldova.

Kaia remains in Turkey.

She is feeding here near this water basin in the area.

The fear is that more nests will fail as the trees have been weakened and will fall after the horrific storms that spread across half of the US. It is now time to start building artificial platforms. I have said that twice. Too many eagles are looking for suitable tress and the number of those trees is being diminished. This is only April and the tornado season is not over. Send all of the nests your best wishes.

Thank you to the following for their notes, videos, posts, announcements, and streaming cams that helped to make up my blog today: ‘A’, HeidiMc, Geemeff, SW Florida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, NEFL and SWFL Eagle Cam Watcher’s Club, Southern Living, Vicky/Wiskernwings, The Real Saunders Photography, Ferris Akel Tour, Dale Hollow Eagle Cam, PA Country Farm, WRDC, Chesapeake Conservancy, LRWT, Friends of Loch of the Lowes and the Scottish Wildlife Trust, The Clywedog osprey Group, Moorings Park Ospreys, MN-DNR, Terry Carman and Bald Eagle Live Nest and News, ND-LEEF, Charlo Montana, Decorah Goose Cam, Arlene Beech and Charlie Montana, Montana Osprey Project, Geemeff and Friends of Loch Akraig and the Woodland Trust, and Loodeskalender Forum.


  1. InstructorRita says:

    Mary Ann, thank you for all the updates, and especially those posts that I do not simply have the time to reply. the kittens are adorable, they cannot smell you through the glass, no wonder they look at you like they do❣
    Have a happy Sunday and an upcoming week, where many of us might be on sabbatical. Go well. Reets ☮❤✡✝🛐

    1. Hi there, So sorry that it took me a couple of days to reply. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope you have a marvellous break and a most happy Easter Rita. Lovely to hear from you. Stay safe in the storms!

      1. InstructorRita says:

        You are very welcome, snail mail headed your way‼️💌📫

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Good Sunday morning Mary Ann! Thanks for all this coverage today. Though much is sad we must stay positive for all of them. Sending best wishes to them all and Prayers for all who need it. It is so sad about E21 and E22. It is so sad to see a family torn apart and now I am thing that this owl could be the reason Harriett is missing. I understand It may be the intruders too but the way this owl is acting toward all the family has me worried indeed!
    Prayers for M15 and the eaglets 🙏🙏🙏. Thanks for the kittens photos and all the photos. The birds, ducks, and geese. Looking forward to the geese at Decorah and the other nest as well.
    Hope all goes good for the UK nests 🙏
    Thank you Mary Ann and have a great and Blessed day! See you soon again here.

  3. Jan Harmony says:

    I’ve been wanting to say to you..I absolutely love your wildlife photos & you cats are gorgeous…I await Iris’s return to Missoula, Big Red in /@ Cornell has 2 eggs / My heart is so broken for Nancy & Beau in Mn.for the nest collapse & lost eaglet..Hoping Obey is alright & returns, Happy for Denton Homes nest 2 eaglets, still saying prayers for Jak & Audacity’s egg, hoping Jackie & Shadow can have another clutch and so many more nests/ eagles/eagles/eggs/no eggs..TY for all your words of Wisdom and calming my head & heart too

    1. Oh, thank you, Jan and thank you for writing in! It is the saddest thing about Nancy and Beau. Beau keeps bringing food for the baby. It is horrible. I wish they had strengthened that branch or nest or cleared it of some weight last summer when they knew the tree was dead. — And oh, wouldn’t it be grand if Jak and Audacity had a little one. So hoping the egg is viable!

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