Permit for Dale Hollow? Goslings hatching, Rescue at Bald Canyon…Tuesday in Bird World

25 April 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

It is a gorgeous sunny day in the garden on Monday, but there was a problem. It was quiet. the garden is never quiet; it is always humming with at least the sound of several dozen House Sparrows that can be heard from a distance. Something was ‘off’. I did not see a hawk, but I do wonder if one was about or an owl. Now the little birds are returning as the day begins to end. Mr Crow has come to check on the cheesy dogs. Mr Blue Jay has been for peanuts along with Dyson and her gang. The Dark-eyed Juncos are searching for Black oil seed, and the sparrows and Starlings are eating the solid suet. There are now two Common Grackles visiting and from the look of Mr Crow, it could have been the Grackles that were the disturbance. Regardless, they bring so much joy. I cannot imagine my garden without them.

What a joy and right now we need joy.

On Monday, it came in the form of Nicole and her teammate, Ben, from the IWS rescuing the oldest eaglet from Bald Canyon, BC1.

There would be many videos online if you missed the live rescue. But what you would have seen was the arrival of the rescue team. Dad was on the nest, and he began alarming when they were under the nest with the eaglet. Then he flew off the nest, circling the area while Nicole worked with the eaglet. We did not see it, but we should assume that she hydrated the baby and gave it food. Then the ladder was placed, and she climbed and put BC1 back up on the nest with its two siblings. Afterwards, she placed some more twigs for rails. There are not a lot of twigs for the eagles to use for railings. The adults returned, and the eaglets were all later fed. It was beautiful. There was not a single hiccup. This is what a rescue looks like. Flawless professionals doing their job caring for wildlife.

I am encouraging everyone to send Dr Sharpe a note of gratitude. His e-mail is:

Not far away, Chase and Cholyn’s little one is also growing by leaps and bounds. Just look at the love in that parent’s eye.

‘H’ reports that the big news at the WRDC on Monday was that R5 was self-feeding! For real.

We continue to hope for that miracle at Dale Hollow. I cannot personally verify but a posting was made on Bald Eagles 101 that a permit has been issued for a rescue at Dale Hollow and if that it is true you must give yourself a pat on the back. It was through the huge effort in lobbying for these eaglets that this will happen.

The fact that DH Eagle Cam folks was not going to the podcast to discuss the issue is good news. There is no reason for her to join in. The appropriate authorities – state and federal – should be there and this should be a decision for the health of the eaglets. USFWS regulations state – as we all know – that human-caused issues can be mitigated.

I want to be hopeful and I don’t want to spread false hope or rumours. I would love to see something official about that permit.

The two eaglets are tethered together, right leg to the left. Everyone who is anyone knows what is going on, but the issue is doing something. Instead of just saying it can’t be done, why not be like the little train that could: “I think I can, I think I can!” Do not give up hope, and do not give up signing petitions or sending letters. I hope they get 10,000!

River fed the eaglets and DH18 ate. She is sleeping with her babies tonight. We have witnessed what M15 did for the Es. River and Obey had been mates for a long time. We saw her cry out for him after he went missing, grieving. She has gotten the two eaglets this far. Just look at them. Now to have them tangled together with line and she cannot do anything to help them. She has tried. Someone might wonder why we are so upset…”They are just birds.” Personally I believe it is a sign of our humanity that we care for them and want to get them help.

As of Monday evening, the streaming cam is still working. According to the sites, the FB page of Dale Hollow and the chat are closed for a week. There has been a lot of criticism, and there should be. Other nests state that there are non-intervention policies, and, of course, there are unless an eaglet falls out of a nest OR is endangered by something human-caused. There are other reasons a nest can be approached and an intervention undertaken. Not trying is cowardly. Where are all those people that want to put rockets into space and make more money than all of us in a few minutes? Doesn’t one have a bright idea of how to get to this nest?

The saying below needs another line: That help wildlife!

This tethered eaglet was rescued by the AEF, the same people who have offered to go to Dale Hollow.

‘H’ has been keeping her eagle eye on the Fortis Exshaw Osprey Platform in Canmore, Alberta and one of the adults has arrived today. There is a new box and the couple will need to find nesting materials.

Elen is the name of the new Queen of Glaslyn. No sooner did she receive her name and she gave Aran his first egg of the 2023 season. It is difficult to move on from Mrs G. She was such a formidable character but this gal seems to have it all. Well done, Aran!

Many are keeping a close eye on Mother Goose in Decorah. The first eaglet has hatched and there were several ready to follow. I understand the leap will be either tomorrow or Wednesday depending on the last egg to hatch. There are six eggs in total.

Mother Goose is really hissing and is a highly protective mode as the eggs hatch! Father Goose has been around to check on the progress.

Father Goose down by the water ready to help when the leap is made. He has been up on the branch of the nest tree a couple of times also.

Mother Goose is going to have fun keeping them under her while they pop out from under her tail!

Oh, there is more. Mother Goose will not be able to go and forage until they take the leap. Dad is waiting down by the creek wondering what is happening. When she does not show up for her evening meal, he will know that hatch is underway. Looks like several more goslings.

As night falls, one little head is peaking out. Other shells seem to be cracking. Looks like all six little goslings could be with us by morning. It is 22:47 and ‘A’ sent me a note saying that 3 of the 6 have not hatched.

There are five hatched at 1000 Tuesday morning and Mr Gander is pacing and honking anxious for the Mrs and the kids to get down to the stream!

Good Night, Mother Goose!

Sharon Pollock gives us the hatching in a video.

In Webster, Texas, Ringo is still being fed on the nest. Dad flies in with a small fish for Ringo. Ringo flies around the nest and then lands for its meal.

I am very grateful to ‘A’ who sent me a note about the Achieva Osprey nest. Jack went missing and was away from the nest for a similar period that Flo was at Captiva. He had to have been dealing with intruders and this then would have caused prey delivery issues. In the image below the eldest is being fed and the middle is eating nestovers or trying to. We still have prey delivery issues and the aggression from the eldest. Send this nest your positive wishes, please.

The eldest ate two fish on Monday while the Middle Bob got nothing…so far. We need a big fish on the nest now so Middle can get fed. Sad, but hopeful.

We have the second egg for Poole Harbour. In celebration Blue 022 brings in more colourful plastic! Geez.

Moorings Park Ospreys are doing well. No problems here!

I still want to cuddle DH2 and even bring it home. What a little sweetheart.

Remember. Banding Day for the eyases at Cal Falcons is 5 May! At that time their legs will have stopped growing and they can be ringed safely. The gender reveal will be interesting and hey, what about the names?!

Their pin feathers are coming and Lou and Annie helped to shade but not brood all the time now.

Incubation continues at San Jose City Hall scrape.

Dulles-Greenway seems to be doing fine. A Turkey Vulture came to visit the nest tree late on Monday and the adults kept a close eye on it.

We are approximately one week away from hatch at the Cornell Red tail Hawk nest of Big Red and Arthur.

It is pip watch at Angel, the leucistic Red Tail Hawk’s nest! Tom is as anxious as we are!

Geemeff is hopeful that the dissolution of the initiative might actually lead to meaningful change in the area of raptor persecution in the Peak District. Gosh, I hope so! The criminal charges and fines have done nothing to stop the wanton killing of the Hen Harriers, for one.

The blog states: “Incidents of shooting, poisoning, trapping, nest destruction or the disappearance of satellite-tracked birds active within the Peak District have featured in every year of the initiative’s monitoring.

The National Park Authority believes that until these illegal activities are tackled, meaningful progress towards population increases in key species will not be possible.

Phil Mulligan, chief executive of the Peak District National Park Authority said: “It is with regret that we are closing the initiative after more than a decade of endeavours to safeguard our charismatic birds of prey that have a rightful place here in the National Park.”

You can read it in its entirety here:

Karl II and Kaia sleeping on the Black Stork nest in Estonia Monday night.

Good night, Telyn!

I am going to sign off and have a quiet dinner. The Dale Hollow situation is quite stressful especially with regard to DH18’s leg. I want so desperately to be hopeful and that someone will step forward and come up with a helicopter plan or a rehabber with experience that is also a good rock climber to get up the hill to the nest. We just can’t give up until we have tried everything. And I do mean actually tried to help the eaglets not sat in a room talking about it theoretically. We need action like we saw at Bald Canyon. Thank you for your continuing support for these efforts.

Take care everyone. I have not posted lots of incubating birds – it is like watching paint dry. There should be more eggs tomorrow and all of the goslings will have hatched. The moderator at the Goose cam, Buddy’s Mum, thinks the leap will be Wednesday. But might it be Tuesday afternoon? It depends on the timing of that last hatch. See you soon!

Thank you to the following for their notes, their tweets, videos, and streaming cams that helped to make up my blog today: Geemeff, ‘H’, ‘A’, ‘A from Tokyo’, ‘SP’, IWS and, Jackie Brown and Bald Eagles Live Nest and Cams, DHEC, Terry Carman and Bald Eagles Live Nest and Cams, Fortis Exshaw, Bywyd Gwylld Glaslyn, Decorah Goose Cam, Sharon Pollock and Decorah Goose Cam, Paul White and Webster, Texas Bald Eagles, Achieva Credit Union, Poole Harbour ospreys, Moorings Park Ospreys, Raptor Resource Project and, Cal Falcons, San Jose City Hall Peregrine Falcons, Dulles-Greenway, Cornell RTH, Cornell Leucistic Hawk, Raptor Persecution UK, Eagle Club of Estonia, and Dyfi Osprey Project.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    The k you Mary Ann for these updates.
    Prayers still for Dale Hollow eaglets.
    And this is America! And this is our American symbol! ❤️🦅🦅🇺🇸 God Bless them 🙏

    Yes once a hawk comes near here and a bird has alerted or flew off in fear then it’s automatic. They all fly off until it is clear again. I’m so glad we have little Mr Wren. He is so good to alert for many years here. Also they do it for the neighborhood cat.
    All the little eaglets and ospets
    And falcons are really growing and are so cute and adorable! I pray all of them grow up and fledge. Ms goose and the little goslings are exciting to watch.
    Good luck to Big Red and Authur on their hatch day coming up.
    Good luck to all the UK nests.
    Have a good afternoon and take care Mary Ann. See you soon here.

    1. You are very welcome. I am hoping for success at Dale Hollow! Most nests are doing great, thankfully.

    2. Sally Osburn says:

      Thank you for all the good info, and especially your support of the Dale Hollow eaglet rescue.

      1. You are so very welcome. I believe we have an obligation to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves —- and when it is human caused to birds we must try to help, not be thwarted. It was a huge success this morning for Dale Hollow and all the people who went the extra mile to help DH17 and DH18. A joyful eagle family!

  2. Janine says:

    Thank you for all these updates! Wonderfully written from the heart …

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