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30 August 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you so much for being with us today. Summer is winding down. People are taking the last of the holidays and our Osprey nests (among others) are almost going quiet. The hummingbirds and Blue Jays continue to come to the garden so neither has started their southern journey and soon, many more species will join them. The house is quiet as the kittens continue to learn the smell and sound of one another. Despite fall nipping at our heels, it is expected to be 34 degrees in southern Manitoba on Saturday.

Calico has settled into a routine and is playing more and more. Tonight, for the first time, she went onto the Ladybird blanket and fell asleep before I finished reading. She goes to the vet on Friday, and I hope for an all-clear to allow her into the rest of the house. Lewis is curious but a wee bit jealous, and Missey is pretending she doesn’t notice anything. We will see. Missey is the Alpha cat.

Calico’s book of the month recommendation. [I took the rug out because of putting cat food down, and neither Calico nor I like this bloody old floor – a remnant of long ago.]

Anyone want to play?

Nite, nite.

There is good news coming out of the meteorologists regarding Idalia. She is now degraded to the strength of a category 2 hurricane. But the new track has changed and the eye is headed decidedly northwest and will not hit Fort Myers or St Petersburg as a category 3 or 4 hurricane. There will still be lots of water but the sustained winds are no where what was earlier predicted. This does not mean that Idlia is not dangerous – every storm is dangerous!

Notice how far that white cone area extends northward. We want all our migrating birds to sit quiet. And to all my friends in the path of this storm, please stay safe. You are on our minds and we are sending out positive wishes.

Hurricane Franklin’s cone will veer east and should be no threat.

The winds of Idalia can clearly be seen impacting the Bald Eagle nest of Connie and Clive at Captiva on the Barrier Islands.

Let’s check on Fortis Exshaw since it has been one of the problem nests. Thanks ‘H’ for your report! “Fortis Exshaw – The intruders were on the nest or perch a few times throughout the day, but most of the time, the nest was empty.  We did not see Banff.  She did not come to the nest, and we did not see her being chased around.  We may have seen less of the intruders today due to the fact that they had not been concerned with Banff.  There were a couple of brief osprey chases seen in the distance, but they could have involved the intruders and another osprey.  Some thought that they heard Banff’s voice in the distance a couple of times, just briefly, but it was difficult to say.  It seems that Banff may have finally learned to stay away from the nest, and the entire area that had become hostile and dangerous for her.  This is a good thing, and a necessary lesson for her to learn.  It seems as though Banff has received a year’s worth of education since she fledged on 8/13.  The last time we saw Banff on 8/28, she was well.  We will be watching and listening for Banff today. “

Today I wanted to see who was home in the UK, but first, let us deal with a tragic death. CK7 was an eleven-year-old osprey from Tweed Valley who died in Wales. His tracker indicated that he had stopped. The search in difficult terrain has not revealed the corpse, but people will continue to search. Our hearts go out to Di Bennett and the team at Tweed Valley. CK7 had been in the wildlife hospital after being trapped in netting. He was released on the 10th of August at St Mary’s Loch. Everything looked perfect, and it appeared that he had set off on his migration. Then something strange happened, and he reverted course and headed to Wales. His tracker indicated a stationary position on the 18th of August.

Here is the latest news from Di from Tweed Valley.

Tweed Valley: Poul is making excellent progress!

Rutland Manton Bay: Both Maya and Blue 33 were on the nest and it looked like they still had some intruders.

Dyfi: Cannon is 98 days old and Seiont is 96. Everyone is wondering if both of them will be home to mark a century. It would be the first time for this nest that both fledglings stayed 100 days before making their departure.

Glaslyn: Aran and the two fledglings, OH1 and OH2 were home.

Poole Harbour: I observed both Blue 22 on the nest and Mum, CJ7, who had delivered a fish. 5H3 was also there. There could be other fledglings about and I just did not see them – indeed, I imagine all three are home. CJ7 may leave first.

Llyn Brenig: I caught a glimpse of one fledgling -7B5-and another on the perch but I cannot confirm if they are one and the same.

At Patchogue Mini flew in at 0619 screaming for a fish and promptly flew off towards the lake.

Here she comes!

Gorgeous. One of the reasons that I advocate for Darvic rings and trackers on special birds like Mini is to find out how their lives unfold – good or bad. This young lady is simply beautiful. She is being fed off nest by Dad. The latest news from Hawk Mountain does not indicate a big swing in Osprey migration yet. Thank goodness due to the weather south of Mini!

A few raindrops falling as Mini was perched for a bit.

Hawk Mountains migration count to 29 August 2023.

Boulder County: All fledglings home. Eating well. Two with a fish at one time and the one without has a nice crop already.

Sandpoint: Three fish delivered on Tuesday and one took over 2 hours to finish!

Thank you ‘H’ for your other reports.

“Forsythe –  Once again, there was no sign of Ollie.  And, for the second day in a row, Oscar made a brief stop on the nest, perhaps for the last time.  He just wanted to make sure that his girl was not still around.  You are a really good Dad, Oscar.”

“Barnegat Light – Dorsett’s latest favorite hangout is the utility pole at 22nd street.  And, she doesn’t miss a thing from that vantage point, lol.  Dorsett saw Duke flying across the bay with a fish and she was back on her nest at 24th street within seconds to grab the fish from her Dad.”

“Kent Island – Molly had been waiting a long time, and Tom arrived with a nice dinner fish.  Molly must be eating off the nest, as she has been seen with a crop sometimes when she arrives at the nest.”

“Osoyoos – There is plenty of fish, and the young fledgling seems to be luvin’ life.”

Moving to Australia:

First up, Ervie. Our dear Ervie!

Port Lincoln: With no eggs at any of the South Australian Osprey nests that I am aware, there is plenty of time for Mum and the new Dad. They will certainly go down as trying!

Sydney Sea Eagles: It is raining and the camera has been on and off but the little eaglets are doing just fine – both of them.

The Godwits are arriving in Australia from Alaska! Just think about that.

Godwit ID for UK birds. It is the Bar-tail that flies from Alaska to Australia.

They make history flying from Alaska to Australia.

More little osplets hatch in Australia!

In Orange, Xavier loves to have his egg time. Diamond arrives with a huge crop and her chest feathers looking all fluffy. Xavier takes his time giving up his shift.

Lots of excitement with the Royal Albatross chicks in New Zealand.

Thank you so much for being with me today. Please take care. Stay safe!

Thank you to the following for their notes, comments, posts, videos, reports, and streaming cams that helped me to write my blog this morning: ‘A, H, M’, Noaa, Window to Wildlife, Tweed Valley, LRWT, Dyfi Ospreys, Bywyd Gwylld Glaslyn, Poole Harbour Ospreys, Llyn Brenig, PSEG, Hawn Mountain, Boulder County, Sandpoint, FortisExshaw, Conserve Wildlife of NJ, Osoyoos, Kent Island, Forsythe, PLO, Pikorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre, BTO, Sydney Sea Eagles, Wildlife at Osprey House, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam, Lady Hawk and NZ DOC.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for all these updates. Calico cat is very pretty! ❤️ Thanks for all the photos too! Ervie looks so nice and handsome in the pictures. Maybe a better fishing day tomorrow 🙏❤️. So sorry to hear about CK7. Hopefully the tracker just got damaged or battery went out. 🙏❤️. I’m glad Baniff is staying away from the nest and intruders!🙏❤️. Good luck to all the others and the godwits. Thanks for the links and also it’s so good to see Xavier wanting to sit on the eggs! Such a good Dad he is! Diamond is also a good Mom too! Good luck to the other Australian nestss. I never understood exactly about Dad at Port a Lincoln. He was seen earlier I thought before the nesting season began. I wonder if he is near Ervie or if that is why Ervie moved away? He was not feeling up to par last season sometimes I remember. 🙏❤️ and the little sea eaglets are so cute and really growing and feathers changing. 💕💕.
    Prayers for all the people and birds and animals 🙏🙏🙏in Floridas hurricane path today.
    Thanks Mary Ann and have a good afternoon!

    1. Hi Linda, My understanding is that Ervie moved because there was construction in the area in Port Lincoln where he was living but I believe he is back from what they re saying…it looks like all is going well with all the nests save for Fortis which will be a worry if Banff continues to return and get battered. Hopefully she will stay away! Looking forward to Xavier and his little chicks…he is, like you say, such a wonderful Dad! The hurricanes are worrisome…warm thoughts for everyone in the way of them.

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