Calypso lands on Mum while there is a pip in egg at PLO…Monday in Bird World

16 October 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

Gosh, golly. We are halfway through October! Hard to believe. Sunday was a gorgeous fall day in southern Manitoba. The geese and ducks are still landing on the lakes in the City. Hundreds can be found where there is good grass. It is 16 C and just amazing, warm yet there is a crispness in the air – a nice change from the summer that was filled with the smoke of the more than 900 wildfires burning in Canada.

In the garden, there are still Pine Siskins and Dark-eyed Juncos joining the Blue Jays, the Sparrows, the House Sparrows – and, of course, Dyson and gang and Little Red.

Calico, Hope, and Missey are doing well. Play has taken over the house once again and it often sounds like a band of horses are having a race. There is enough bird and squirrel activity to keep everyone occupied and today, they had special treats – pine cones. Lewis loved to play with pine cones and I would often bring home a pocket full if I found some.

Sunnie Day posted this amazing announcement. The first ospreys breeding in Kansas – land of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.

At Port Lincoln, everyone continues to wait for the first pip. Today that first egg is 40 days old and I am going to say that it could very well be unviable. The second egg is 37 days old with the third at 34. I want to be hopeful that we will have one chick. Fingers crossed…but I also have to look up the average day for hatch for Eastern Ospreys. Hold on. OK. The article below the ops board says incubation is on average 40 days for Eastern Ospreys — so we are right and ready for hatch.

And then the oddest thing happened…thanks, ‘H’. Calypso, Mum’s 2019 hatch, lands on the nest!!!!!!!!!!

A pip is seen at 23:18:36. PLO is saying it is egg #2. (Top egg far right)

Partney and Marrum still have one nice osplet, Blythe.

While we wait, the two chicks of Diamond and Xavier are growing, getting their feathers, and reaching higher and higher for their prey. Diamond and Xavier are doing an incredible job with these two!

At Sydney, WBSE 31 and 32 are climbing higher and higher on the branches and are now flapping their wings. Send them positive wishes – no Curras!

The winds blew in the Sydney Olympic Forest and the parents brought in a bird (?) and then a fish.

I had a bit of a giggle. ‘Boulevard’. In Canada, the boulevard is the piece of grass (normally but people can plant whatever they wish as our City doesn’t maintain the boulevards any longer) between the sidewalk and the street. ‘B’ wrote reminded me that in other parts of the world ‘boulevard’ refers to a very broad street – like those created by Baron von Haussmann in Paris. ‘B’ found an interesting article explaining ‘boulevards’ – and it reminded me of the day that ‘H’ said she needed a dictionary to understand what I was saying. Apologies. My use of language often blends words from my childhood growing up in the southern US, to Canada, to the UK and the Indian subcontinent.,median%20strip%20planted%20with%20trees.

“Intense human stupidity so that we can have strawberries in the winter.” water drying up and this is a place on the flyway that needs the water for the birds and wildlife. Surely to goodness we can do without exotic fruit in the winter!

Love is in the air at The Campanile.

Connie and Clive continue work on their nest along with most of the other Bald Eagle couples on the US mainland.

Kalvi continues to forage in Bulgaria while Waba is in Israel. No transmissions from either Kaia or Karl II. Bonus’s tracker (I sure hope it was the tracker) had issues some time ago, and there have been no more transmissions from him. It is worrisome.

Elain put together a compilation video of Manaaki and all of his fun friends this past season. A nice remembrance.

Some good news! But more needs to be done. These protective hook covers must be made mandatory! Please support all efforts.

Here is more detail:

I have not read it but, someone I trust has seen the book and thinks it is a great read. I put in an order – will keep you posted after its arrival.

Thank you so very much for being with me today. Take care of yourself. I am over Covid completely but more and more people that I know are coming down with it – here and in the US.

Thank you to the following for their notes, articles, posts, videos, and streaming cams that helped me to compose my blog this morning: ‘ B, H’, Sunnie Day, PLO, Fact File, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam, Sydney Sea Eagle Cam, Katherine Barber, Conservation without Borders, SK Hideaways, Window to Wildlife, Looduskalender Forum, Elain, Holly Parsons, ACAP, and the Toroa Gift Shop.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Hello Mary Ann and thank you for the blog today! Very good updates and news and pics and links.
    Hoping for a hatch at Port Lincoln🙏🐣 and glad the kittens and Calico and the garden animals are doing good ❤️
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you, Linda! It will be super to see a little osplet! Can’t wait. The girls are doing well….thank goodness.

  2. InstructorRita says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for the pictures of the park. I’m so glad you got a chance to go outside and enjoy the park before it gets too cold.
    Take care, go well. 😌❤️

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