Hatch at Port Lincoln…Tuesday in Bird World

17 October 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

Oh, we had a crisp fall day on the Canadian Prairies. Lots of migrant songbirds in the garden – every kind of Sparrow and – well, I won’t exaggerate – but between 50-65 Dark-eyed Juncos descended around 1700. It was quite unbelievable. Missey loved watching them out of the conservatory windows and the Blue Jays buzzed in and out getting Black Oil Seed.

Calico, Hope, and Missey are doing so well. Monday was the first time since Lewis got sick that Missey enjoyed herself – like the old days – in the conservatory. She was ‘talking’ to the birds landing in the vines and jumping around following them. There were dozens and dozens of Dark-eyed Juncos and hundreds of Sparrows keeping her entertained.

Then Missey got into one of the play tents. I wondered if Hope would find her and play with her tail like she does when Missey is sleeping on the wicker. They play and play – and eat! Hope is growing – she is now at least three times the size she was when she came into the house on 2 September. And she is adorable.

Hope decided that Mamma’s blanket was nice and soft.

Hope continues to do everything Mamma does. Oh, and Calico is putting on weight. She no longer looks like an old pack mule ready to die of starvation. No more sunken sides, and she is a heavy girl to lift. She is not letting Hope nurse anymore, which is helping her get her health back.

The ‘boyfriend’ comes twice a day to the feeding spot. Poor thing. The fur on his tail and back is finally growing in. He is fed well and under the deck is an insulated house for him with a heating pad for winter. Reminder to self to pull up that old carpet and get rid of it.

We all continue to miss Lewis. He was a big presence. ‘L’ asked about his tests, and I am sorry, I forgot. Poor darling Lewis had both HPI and feline leukaemia. He was a very sick boy with everything progressing at a rapid rate.

I want to start with some really good news, and that is the HPAI vaccine trials for the California Condors.

All eyes are on Port Lincoln as I begin my blog. There will be a hatch I hope by the time this goes to press tomorrow morning (it is now 1800 in Winnipeg, Monday). — And, yes, believed to be the second egg at 20:39. Well done, little one!

These were the eggs at 0856 when Mum got up and left the nest.

Later…so frustrating. It looks like a crack going along a line but impossible to tell in the light.

Partner and Murram’s little osplet Blythe is really enjoying its fish. Turnby Island, South Australia. So far only one. How blessed this only chick might be!

More sightings of UK and European Ospreys in Senegal by Jean-marie Dupart. Gosh, you have to admire those older birds that have successfully flown back and forth many, many times. Fifteen years old. Fantastic.

Sassa Bird got some great screen captures of WBSE 31 and 32. They are nearly ready to fledge. Every day becomes more and more precious with them.

Lady feeding her babies…She knows that they are about ready to fledge.

I wonder if hopping from the nest to the branch counts as ‘branching’ when the meaning is to fly from the nest to the branch. But we will see.

SE 31 had certainly been enticing 32.

‘A’ wonders, “Those sea eaglets are exploring every branch of that nest tree. I am amazed that SE31 has not yet fledged. Perhaps she is waiting for her little brother. Both are sleeping standing up and tucked like their parents, sometimes on the branches of the nest tree but usually still in the nest. SE32 occasionally reverts to sleeping duckling style, and both were snuggled up together on the rails in duckling posture this afternoon. They really are good friends (except when food is delivered, and even then, it is temporary, and they are soon sharing whatever prey it is). I hope this helps them in the days to come. My heart is in my mouth as I wait for them to take the plunge. Will this year be the season they finally best those currawongs and crows?”

Karen Leng posted a great comparison between Xavier and Diamond’s chicks.

Lessons in plucking a European Starling. In 40-44 days, these two will observe and imprint many things to help them as adults before they fledge – which is a month away. Yes, get ready!

A nice article about the falcons at Orange.

Gabby is sleeping at the nest and V3 will be close by. He was at the nest most of the afternoon.

Fattening up, getting ready for the breeding season with a nice fleshy squirrel?

The winds blowing over Captiva do not bother Connie and Clive who continue to add to their new nest as of last season.

Someone was at the Dulles-Greenway Nest today and it was Dad, Martin, bringing in sticks and working on that new nest.

It was a beautiful day at Big Bear. Will Jackie and Shadow show up after 1800?

Want to find out more about what is happening on Marion Island and why having a mice-free island is essential to the albatross?

A friend in PA posted this reminder. I have mentioned these spider webs every year. Please do not put them up – they act as netting to catch birds and insects and they die when they are caught. You might as well put out sticky traps for the birds – it is cruel. So please tell anyone you know, spread the word, take them down if they are up – be kind to our feathered friends and all others who could get tangled. Thank you.

Thank you for being with me today. Head over and check out the new hatch at PLO. If that is the second egg then maybe that third egg will hatch quickly! (or not). Could it be the year for a single chick at Port Lincoln? — And take care!

Thank you to the following for their notes, letters, posts, comments, images, videos, and streaming cams that helped me to write my blog this morning: ‘A’, Kelly Sorenson and Ventana Wildlife, PLO, Jean-marie Dupart, Sassa Bird, Sydney Sea Eagle Cam, Gracie Shepherd, Karen Leng, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam, ABC News Central West, NEFL-AEF, Window to Wildlife, Dulles-Greenway, FOBBV, MFM, and Michelle Mihalah Lampley.


  1. Sassa Bird says:

    Hi, Mary Ann! I can’t take credit for the beautiful captures of WBSE, I just shared the amazing EagleCAM pics on my profile 😇 Based on the latest news, SE31 has fledged and SE32 is branching. I’m really happy for them ♥️ Their nesting has been relatively calm so far and I truly hope their life after fledging will remain as peaceful. Thank you for all the other news! Best hopes for Port Lincoln osprey family!

    1. I so hope this is the year the sea eaglets beat the Currawong!!!!!!!!!!!!

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