Good News at all the Australian nests…Saturday in Bird World

28 October 2023

Oh, good morning everyone! Friday turned out to be just a fantastic day in Bird World with the return of 32 to the nest and the delivery of fish from the parents. More on that later.

We woke up to more snow – heavy, wet snow – on Friday. The back trees were full of European Starlings, and Fox Sparrows were dancing on the deck along with the House Sparrows and the Dark-eyed Juncos. There were more at the feeders as food in the wild is often hard to find.

The Baby Blue Jay – the one that sat with the little clay birds when it first fledged. All of the Jays are still here. Sometimes, they come in pairs. I am careful to check out the white on the base of their tail to ensure all are safe.

Fox Sparrow. It was so wet and miserable. Some songbirds insist on foraging on the ground or the deck, so there is always some seed for them, bit it makes it so messy. As winter sets in, I will begin only to have seed suet, solid suet, and Black Oil seed for them. It’s less messy to clean up but good for them for the winter. The European Starlings particularly love the solid suet, while all of the birds will eat the seed suet and sunflower seed.

Calico and Hope curled up on Calico’s blanket – staying warm inside. Thanks Auntie ‘H’ for the beautiful pillow of our brother. We promise to keep it clean!

Calico working her way up the cat tree where Missey is currently ‘The Queen of the Castle’.

Missey watching the birds fly over the conservatory.

Ospreys do well in care – do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Another great rescue and rehabilitation story. Full story below the posting. Notice how large the Osprey is!

The GHOs at the Southwest Florida Pritchett Property are visiting the eagle nest and the male is bringing food gifts to the female! Let’s hope they have their eye on their own nest and not M15s and F23s.

The first fish of the day at Port Lincoln was large. Mum fed both osplets well and had some for herself before Dad took it away. One thing to notice is that Little is up front and eating well and ignoring Galiath who did not do any beaking during the meal!

Dad taking the fish when the feeding was over. Remember, Dad has to eat too and so does Mum but no worries this year. The Fish Fairies from Port Lincoln will be around.

The fish was returned at 0801 and both chicks ate well. Little was stuffed and Galiath got more this feeding.

‘A’ brings us up to date with some later events at Port Lincoln: “Around 09:20 this morning, seven small fish appeared on the nest. Mum quickly downed a couple herself, then fed the Bobs. There had been an earlier feeding, when dad brought in a very large whole fish at 07:20, and both already had respectable crops. Mum ate very little from the earlier fish. So now she is tucking in, and moving on to the third fish. Dad ate well from the breakfast fish before bringing it back for a second feeding around 8am. So all have eaten well at Port Lincoln and there has been no bonking. It is worth stressing in regard to yesterday’s incidents that Little Bob started several of the fights and also fought back strongly once or twice when Giliath started the melee. This osplet is not going to simply lie down and take it. He is very feisty indeed. This may be a good thing (Giliath is not shaking his confidence one iota) but it could easily do the reverse – forcing Giliath to use increasing force to get her message across. We will as always have to wait and see. But so far, Giliath is not ramping up the aggression but is actually tending to leave Little Bob alone today. It is noteworthy that the visit of the fish fairy this morning hardly ruffled a parental feather, with mum back on the nest in about two minutes. I suggest that being the highly intelligent creatures they are, these ospreys have quickly worked out that these visits are brief, non-threatening, and involve lots of fish. I think they will soon get so used to the fish fairy that the interventions should not carry a major risk of the parents deserting the nest and chicks. As the chicks get older, the risk of spooking them into a fludge will presumably be much higher, though they too may get used to the fish fairy and to watching their parents being unphased by her visits. Just a hopeful thought.”


Those little sweeties looking out to the big world they will too soon be a part of…

HeidiMc has the fish fairy on video!

‘A’ continues with the day at Port Lincoln, “At Port Lincoln, after the excellent feeding from the breakfast fish and the fish delivered by the fish fairy, the Bobs were very full and spent much of the afternoon sunbaking, sleeping and preening. Then, at 15:51 dad brought in a headless medium-sized fish, and although the feeding was largely obscured by mum, it went on for 20 minutes, until 16:11, and both osplets ate. The important thing as far as I’m concerned was that there was no bonking today as far as I could see. Both got along well at the table and Little Bob did not appear to be intimidated or reluctant when it came to getting fed. He was up and waiting, beak open, and confident enough to compete for bites.  He fought back a lot yesterday when his sister tried to exert her dominance, and although Little is smart enough to keep an eye on her at times, once he is up at the table, he ignores her altogether and is not fearful of being pecked in the head during a feeding.” 

‘A’ reports: “At Orange, the giant fluff balls are so cute. The feathers are growing in along the edges of their wings and the ends of their tails and they are getting very steady on their feet. Two very active eyases are now really filling up that scrape, which suddenly seems very small indeed. Here are the time stamps for the day so far: PREY 08.31.38 (eastern rosella), 12.46.01, 17:36:11 Xavier with prey, Diamond comes and takes. FEEDINGS 08.32, 12.46, 17:37. HIGHLIGHTS 08:35:14 Marri falls over in tug-o-war with Barru, 08:40 Marri tries to snatch the prey from Diamond, 12.14.10+ Barru and Marri demand food; 16:40:55 Barru and Gabuda (that’s what Cilla has named Dudley). “

‘M’ sent me a link to Twitch and there was some news on the sea eagles for Thursday. Thanks, ‘M’

Of course, the biggest news for the season – perhaps – with the exception of the supplementary feeding at Port Lincoln, was WBSE32 being on the nest today. It flew in chased by Currawongs and honking at them. The parents came and brought a fish which, the famished eagle, ate in about an hour.

And here is that homecoming!

The forest was silent at 10:55:47. Then you could hear the Currawong. There was honking. It could not have come from 32 as its beak was closed. There was more honking and more calling from the Curra at 56:11, 56:14, at 12:09:13, again at 12:28 and periodically. WBSE 31 was someone near the natal nest. It had to be him!!!! Tears all around. Thanks, SK Hideaways, for hearing my call to listen and capture this for us.

SE32 and Lady later in the day at the nest.

‘A’ sends the official report of the day from Sydney: “October 28: fine again early and heard the parents’ usual duet. Our ground team was out early searching, hearing calls. One fledgling, possibly SE31, was seen sitting high in a tree fairly close to the nest. Then another message that both have been seen and best news, SE32 flew to the nest at 9:09 with currawong escort. Shortly after, at 9:23, both parents came in and delivered a bream, which 32 pounced on, though he did seem to have a full crop already. 32 then spent a long time near the nest, though swooped by a currawong relentlessly at times. Just before 5pm, 32 flew a short distance to a nearby branch – all quiet though. Lady delivered a big fish at 17:37, ate herself and was joined by 32. Lady fed 32 for 10 minutes, then 32 left and moved up the branch. Lady kept eating the fish herself. Then more, when Dad brought a bird carcass at 19:02. This time 32 snatched the prey and started eating straight away. When 32 was finished, Dad ate the last scraps. During the day our ground team reported finding SE31 as well. And at last light, we received news of SE31, seen flying strongly. Lady, Dad and 32 were settled close for the night.”

There was an eagle at the Pittsburgh-Hayes nest today.

Martin and Rosa working on the Dulles-Greenway Nest on Friday.

Shame on me for thinking that pigeons are only meant to be food for peregrine falcons!

Cleaning up The Campanile scrape.

Here is the recording of the October 26 Ventana Wildlife video chat! Great up to date information on the status of the California Condors.

It’s a wrap. I am just so overjoyed to see SE32 on the nest and hear 31 that I can hardly sit still. That with the fish fairy at PLO just starts this weekend off in such a positive way.

I hope that each of you are well. Stay safe. Go outside and smell the fresh air and listen for the birds. See you soon!

Thank you to the following for their notes, posts, videos, and streaming cams that helped me to write my blog today: ‘A, B, H, SP’, Wild Care, Lady Hawk, PLO, Sydney Sea Eagles, HeidiMc, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam, SK Hideaways, Pix Cams, Dulles-Greenway, The Guardian, and Ventana Wildlife Society.


  1. InstructorRita says:

    Beautiful memory pillow of Lewis, thanks to your friend, and thanks for sharing the photo with us ❤️

    1. It was such a beautiful surprise that came in the post. We all love it. It is like he is sitting there with us. Gosh, I miss him….seriously, he was such a character. The girls eat and sleep during the day, share the story times, and play all night while I am trying to sleep!!!!!!!!!

      1. InstructorRita says:

        Your friends will always rush to comfort you; they are a gift in themselves, and to each other here. Never stop writing, it’s great therapy for the soul. All the best ☺️❤️💕

      2. You are absolutely right!!!!!!!! Hoping all is well…it is story time here before din dins. I now just have to say ‘story’ and the girls go running to the quilt on the rug in the conservatory. Amazing. And some people think animals are not intelligent.

  2. LindaKontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for the updates and photos and links. The kittens and the snow in the garden is so pretty!❤️
    So good to read the Port Lincoln nest is doing so well 💕💕
    It’s a wonderful feeling to know the sea eaglets are fine. I hope SW31 is getting food 🙏❤️ SW32 is coming in and out of the nest even though the Cassorrays are bothering it.
    Thanks for the updates on the eagles.
    Praying the owls go back to their own nest at M15’s nest 🙏
    Have a good afternoon Mary Ann and see you here soon!

    1. It feels like a great year with what is now happening at both the Sea Eagles with both eaglets seen flying strong and seemingly fed (31, too). And Port Lincoln – they are doing an amazing job with this supplementary feeding. Send them a note and tell them! You can do it on FB, too. They need to know they are supported.

  3. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann
    I really like the pillow with Lewis too. I think Calico and Hope do too in the picture. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. You are so welcome. It was quite a surprise when it arrived in the post! And I do love it.

  4. Jan Harmony says:

    Good Morning Lady…. The pictures outside your home with the snow and birds is Currier & Ives in the making on coffee mugs.. A huge TY & hug for the fish fairy…. Love the pics of Calico, Hope & Missey … The pillow is beautiful, like you said, it looks just like Lewis is sitting on the corner of the sofa…..My heart was racing a bit, I could hear Mom & Dad Sea Eagles with constant honking, then heard one of the Eaglets, then heard the other, I had the feeling that the eaglets were being chased by the Currawongs. It felt awesome to see them & hear SE 31…. And speaking of being chased, M15 & lady need to go to their nest occasionally at night and remind the owls that they are in the wrong nest… The cute, adorable, fluff ball Falcons in Orange, are growing up fast… Each with their own personality ….. I have on my phone the app from Cornell called Merlin, ID’s birds by the chirping sound and posts pics alongside of the names of the birds… It was so busy during the summer months, but not as busy now.., with the exception of 10/27/23 when it was warm outside, coffee in hand, plopped myself on the addirondak chair and listened (Heart warming) ..Hope you’re doing well and safe & TY for you blogs, absolutely love reading them… Take care

    1. Oh, so glad you were as happy as could be over the sea eaglets…it was so uplifting to hear them and see them. I hope they are alright today…and kudos for getting that Merlin Bird ID. I have learned so much…you are so welcome for the blog and yes, it is like Lewis is sitting with us. Gosh, I miss him.

  5. InstructorRita says:

    Not only are animals intelligent, they have emotions. I once read that an animal is comforted and has a happier death if you spend their last hours with them. You and Lewis 4ever 💖

    1. Yes, so many think they do not but they do – more than us! Lewis was comforted and loved and is still so missed.

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