Eagle takes oldest Cowlitz osplet

16 June 2022

Sadly, my list of predations this year continues to get longer. Once Bald Eagles or GHOWs (other hawks, etc) know where there is easy prey they usually go after it until all is gone.

Sadly, the Cowlitz PUD Osprey nest lost a second chick – the oldest just a short while ago. Thank you to ‘C’ for alerting me to this incident.

Oh, this nest was doing so well this year compared to previous years. Hopefully, one parent will sit on that last chick! and not leave the nest.

Thank you to the Cowlitz PUD Osprey nest where I took my video clip.

Video of Eagle taking Cowlitz PUD osplet off nest —- without sound.

15 June 2022

Apologies for the first video posting. I did not realize that the sound from the Ferris Akel Tour was on it!

Very sad. Intruders are to be taken ever so seriously. That wee Middle Bob was so enjoying his fish dinner.

The nest at Cowlitz Washington had such tragedy last year with the hottest summer ever and little fish and siblicide with all osplets dying. These three were doing so well. Big Bob was getting those lovely juvenile feathers and everyone seemed to be growing with the nest being OK. Then this!

It has been a very bad year all around the world.

Thank you to the Cowlitz PUD streaming cam where I took my video clip.

Eagle steals osplet off Cowlitz PUD Osprey Nest!

15 June 2022

I was always cautious about watching the Cowlitz PUD Osprey nest after the death of the chicks last year due to the extreme heat, siblicide, and starvation. Tonight as I was listening to Ferris Akel’s tour of the Cornell Campus to see Big Red, Arthur, and the Ls, I received word from ‘C’ that an Eagle had taken a chick at Cowlitz. That was only a few minutes ago so it was approximately 1630-1700 nest time.

We must always keep in mind that intruders can, ultimately, be deadly. We have seen this too much in the last weeks. The parents have to protect their territory and if they leave the nest, anything can happen. Additionally, they are not able to hunt or fish. Chicks starve. Siblicide occurs. It is an extremely viscous circle.

This year there were three healthy fat little osplets on this nest. The mother was busy feeding them a fresh fish when the intruder flew over head. She flew off the nest.

This is just so sad. Here is the event as it unfolded.

Thank you ‘C’ for writing to me immediately.

Thank you to the Cowlitz PUD Osprey cam where I took my screen captures and video clip.