Goshawk attacks Poole Harbour osprey fledgling

5 August 2022

CJ7and Blue 022with 5H1 and 5H2 on 23 July 2022

Goshawks seem to wait until the osplets have nearly fledged or fledged to attack the nest. We saw this at nest #4 when Nuppu’s osplet who had yet to fledge was knocked off the nest and is presumed to be predated. We saw Goshawk attacks last year ending in the death of some adult ospreys and older chicks.

CJ7 and Blue 022 made history in Poole Harbour first by laying eggs, then hatching, and then fledgling two beautiful Ospreys – 5H1 and 5H2. Everything seemed to be going well.

Then the Goshawk attacked the nest a few minutes ago. CJ7 was perched on a nearby tree and flew in to engage the hawk intend on taking one of her chicks who was feeding on the nest. The fate of the chick, 5H2, remains unknown as I write this as does the fate of CJ7. It appears – in slomotion – that CJ7 had her talon in the goshawk and the hawk had its talon in 5H2. The nest is empty. It is hoped that they were able to get free and fly away safely.

Here is the amount of time it took to disrupt this nest by the predator. You absolutely can’t blink it is that quick. It began at 20:12:40.

Someone on chat asked who would win the fight. Unfortunately the Ospreys talons are not made for fighting but I am certain -since CJ7 waited so long to have a family -that she will fight viscously. We wait and hope.

Birds of Pool Harbour are on site and checking the situation. It is dark and there is not word on the Ospreys.

In other news, ‘H’ sent me a note that the camera at the Boathouse Ospreys is now working again. Thanks ‘H’.

Third – and last – Cowlitz PUD chick taken by Eagle

16 June 2022

It happened shortly after the Bald Eagle took the second osplet from the Cowlitz PUD nest. It returned for the third and last of the 2022 chicks.

There is something so terribly sad about seeing an Osprey couple doing well and then in the blink of an eye – three times over – to loose the eggs that they incubated for over a month, the chicks that had been fed and brooded. All gone.

We will never know if the couple had any experience dealing with intruders before – like this. We will never know if the Mum had stayed on the nest would the Osplets have been saved? or might Mum have been injured?

It has been a very sad week in Osprey world. The three osplets – older than the ones at Cowlitz starved because of other Osprey intruders – at the Cape Henlopen State Park nest in Delaware that might have killed the male and injured the female. The third hatch at the Loch of the Lowes was starved and then attacked and killed by the eldest. The third hatch at Loch Arkaig got its foot caught and couldn’t get under Dorcha and was out in the cold rain and died of hypothermia. The third hatch died at Llyn Brenig. It could not get out of the nest cup to eat. All so very, very sad.

Let us all hope that the tragedies at the nests are over.

My sincere condolences go out to the entire Cowlitz PUD family – the Ospreys and all the people behind the scenes that made it possible for us to watch their lives – the good and the bad.

My heart goes out to the wee chicks. Fly high little ones, fly high.

Eagle takes oldest Cowlitz osplet

16 June 2022

Sadly, my list of predations this year continues to get longer. Once Bald Eagles or GHOWs (other hawks, etc) know where there is easy prey they usually go after it until all is gone.

Sadly, the Cowlitz PUD Osprey nest lost a second chick – the oldest just a short while ago. Thank you to ‘C’ for alerting me to this incident.

Oh, this nest was doing so well this year compared to previous years. Hopefully, one parent will sit on that last chick! and not leave the nest.

Thank you to the Cowlitz PUD Osprey nest where I took my video clip.