Big Red lays egg 4!

While I was busy checking on the prey delivery status at Dale Hollow Bald Eagles, something special was happening at the Red-tail Hawk nest of Big Red and Arthur on the Cornell Campus.

Big Red appears to go into labour about 12:15. She will lay her 4th egg at 12:17:40! Four eggs. Four. Arthur. Get a freezer and start stocking prey!!!!

She has really fluffed up her feathers. The tail is going up and down.

Done! Egg will be dried.

The big reveal.

Incredible. As long as the streaming cam has been operating, Big Red has never laid four eggs. This is a whole new world for all of us and guess what? They will all do wonderfully well. Arthur and Big Red will see to that!

Thank you for dropping by for this amazing announcement.

Thank you to Cornell Bird Labs for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Wow! Mary Ann this is really special with 4 eggs!
    Congratulations to Big Red and Authur!Have a great day!

    1. Linda, It is amazing. She must be in really good condition and I am thrilled. Something good to look forward to after Dale Hollow.

  2. This is exciting news, Mary Ann! I’m looking forward to following all that happens on this nest. Wow, four eggs!!

    1. I couldn’t believe it. She must be in really good shape!!!!!!!! It is something wonderful to look forward to for sure, Betty!

    2. Oh, thank you. I was out getting yet more bird seed! Much appreciated.

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