Late Wednesday in Bird World

20 July 2022

I did not think that I would be having an evening posting today. But, I arrived home in good time and wanted to check on two nests – the one in Finland with the step-Mum and the two newly hatched sea eagles down in Sydney. We all need some good news today after the electrocution of Junior on Gabriola Island. And, we do, indeed, have good news.

There is so much fish on the Janakkalan Osprey nest in Finland that the chicks don’t have to fight over it anymore. Each of them will have at least one nice big fish with others drying out on the nest. It looks as if we will have two lovely osplets to fledge…if they do not eat so much they cannot get off the nest! Only kidding. It is so good to see after the worry about them.

The one with the beard – the female at the back – is doing pretty good at self-feeding. She does not always hold the fish down but she is getting there. Oh, does she have a nice big chunk of fish. The family at Osoyoos could live for a week on it.

You can see that the other chick also has a huge headless piece of fish facing towards the camera. He has been calling and calling for someone to come and feed him.

Look at the crop of the ‘bearded’ one! It looks like a softball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eventually, the one without the beard gets the fish that the bearded one was eating and is finally feeding himself! There are pieces of fish everywhere lurking about. I really am so happy for these two. They have no idea how lucky they are not to be ill.

Oh, it is all about the fish at the Sea Eagles nest in Sydney. My goodness I thought that SE30 might be shy but he loves his fish! And is doing very well with this feeding. Splendid. He is getting some nice big bites towards the end and is eager to eat. Lady was very good at this feeding. If one chick didn’t want a bite, she would offer it to the other. I have watched her mature over the last couple of years into a very good Mum.

The other good news is that the chick was rescued from the Balgavies Nest that collapsed. She is an absolutely beautiful osplet ready to fledge it might seem. Here is the announcement and a couple of the images.

The chick was not injured and it is hoped that the parents will go to the platform and take care of their baby. I will report back as soon as I hear.

It is so nice to bring some good news! Thank you for joining me this evening. Take care all.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cam or FB posts: Balgavies Loch Ospreys FB, Finnish Osprey Foundation, and Sydney Sea Eagles@BirdLife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney, Australia.

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