Little Bit ND 17 is released!

21 July 2022

While I was out counting ducklings and goslings early this morning, something was happening in Indiana. Well, actually, it happened yesterday but was not announced until this morning — and that was a good thing. Little Bit did not need to be disturbed by well wishers as he integrates himself back into the life of the eagle family at the park. This was the announcement:

His crop was nice and full and he flew well. I am very grateful to Humane Indiana Wildlife for getting to Little Bit 17 quickly when called. As they initially said – he would have starved to death within 24 more hours. As we know, getting wildlife help immediately is of the utmost importance. The wait caused unnecessary stress on this lovely eaglet who, according to his feathers, had a life of stress.

Sadly this beautiful eaglet who worked so very hard to live got caught up in the do we intervene? when do we intervene? how long do we wait? the parents will take care of the eaglet on the ground controversy. The decision to wait as long as possible almost cost this bird its life.

In Australia, those who watched the Sydney Sea Eagles last year will know the story of WBSE27. It was a similar one to Little Bit for those who do not know. The eaglet was not taught to fly or hunt by its parents and rushed out and about by the Pied Currawong. It was found on a sidewalk emaciated. 27 went into care but was released when its flying was good. But 27 had not been taught to hunt its own food. The second time it was found on a sidewalk emaciated and being attacked by local small birds including Pied Currawong. This time Ranger Judy Harrington insisted that the bird be taken to a specific wildlife rehabber (yeah for Ranger Judy) who would keep 27 until such time as she could fly high and strong and be independent. She was in care for a long time – more than 6 months. When she was released she had a GPS transmitter and was ringed. Now we know how well she is doing — and she is doing great!

This track map is from a week or so ago but each colour is a different day for 27 – where she flew and caught her fish.

This is what I wish for Little Bit ND17 — and I know that it is what you wish for him, too. Let us all join together and wish that Little Bit is taught to eat by his parents and that he survives. If he is found emaciated again, let us hope that the park staff will call for help immediately and insist that 17 be given flight and prey training and that he be released elsewhere – in a prey rich area. No hesitation!

If you go to the Humane Indiana Wildlife FB page you will be able to see the video of Little Bit 17 being released. Please thank them for their kindness in giving Little Bit 17 a second chance. They have done what was requested by the owners of the property where the nest is located. Just send positive wishes that his life in the family grows and that he is embraced and taught how to survive by his parents – . That would be the very best. Clearly from the announcement Little Bit is flying around with them!

I will have a more complete report on the activities in the other nests later. Thank you so much for joining me for this wonderful moment in Little Bit’s life — flying free in the wild for the first time. Send all positive wishes that he will learn to hunt, he will fly high, and he will always have a crop!

Thank you to the following for the material I used in this blog: Humane Indiana Wildlife and Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre, Sydney Olympic Park.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary and this is so wonderful to learn of Little ND17! ❤️🙏🦅. I pray he is hunting with his parents and he thrives and has his own family one day! May
    God Bless him in every way. He deserves it !❤️
    Have a great afternoon and take care!

    1. Oh, yes, let us wish him the best! It is always nice to send out good news and you are most welcome.

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