Is it really Little Bit 17? and other Sadness and Gladness in Bird World

3 August 2022

Good Morning Everyone,

I was out almost all day yesterday and returned to find some sad news. We will get this over and move on to all the good news!

The situation at the #4 Osprey nest in Finland turned darker. An intruder appeared and the chicks ‘fell or flew’ off the nest. The youngest who had not as yet flown was predated. This is also the chick that was so vigorously attacked by Mum the other day. So sad. Thank you ‘N’ for letting me know. This is 81 lost so far in the past 13 months on streaming cams.

The Mum and the surviving fledgling on the #4 nest. Keep them in your warmest thoughts.

Ervie. Bazza Hockaday was doing some photography for a client and found Ervie, too. Can you spot Ervie on top of the pine tree? This park is across from the barge – so Ervie is staying close. (Magnifying glass almost required!)

Meanwhile Mum and Dad are making sure that Mum is quite comfortable on those eggs – they are lining the nest with a Silver Gull, one of the favourite foods of the Sea Eagles.

Everyone wondered if anyone would be keeping an eye for Little Bit ND17. It seems that lots of people who loved the eagle that fought so hard to live continues to have a loyal fan club. This evening on the Notre-Dame FB page, the following was posted. It looks as if our Little Bit has been very resourceful and is doing fantastic. Tears, joyful tears!

SF Ospreys have not received the DNA results from Brooks and Molate. Brooks continues to enjoy herself at the other nest and the visitor seems right at home. He is certainly a lovely Osprey – and talented.

The ‘visitor’ at the nest of Richmond and Rosie has done something very special – it caught a Spiny Dogfish (Shark) that lives in the Bay. (Reminds me of those brought to the nest at Mispillion Harbour in Delaware – bet it is just a slight difference in name from one region to the other but the same fish). The juvenile very proudly brought it to the nest. SF Ospreys say this is highly unusual. They have only seen a juvenile do this once. Round of applause!

Here is the video clip:

At the Black Stork nest of Karl II and Kaia, Karl was busy flying back and forth to the fish basket. He delivered 3 big meals to the storklets. Kaia delivered 1 on the 2nd of August. There was some concern that Karl II’s GPS was not working but it seems to be fine now. Thank goodness. I do worry about them all the time for some reason – storklets not yet fledged and requiring much food before migration.

Bonus has been standing on the curved perch with 1 leg. Great balance. Bonus is the oldest of the four. He is 72 days old on 2 August.

The four storklets of Betty and Bukacek are doing fantastic. The female- Fifinka- often spends time on the nest of the adults and then flies to the natal nest when food arrives. Sometimes she holds back from the bigger males but she wastes no time getting there if she is hungry. In the image below she is at the top flying in.

There is no reason for it other than sheer dominance at the Sydney Sea Eagles nest. Lady feeds SE29 and 30 at least every hour if not sooner. Things were going relatively well until 0911 when 29 decided to not be nice and attack 30.

Three minutes later 29 is going into a food coma and 30 is being fed (0917 below).

SE30 keeps its head down to protect it.

Notice how 30 is slinking around the back ready to move forward and eat when 29 calms herself. Very clever tactic.

SE 30 is still being fed four minutes later. All is right with the world.

Mom and Dad on the nest of the Port Lincoln Barge early on 3 August.

Did you fall in love with Louis and Anna at the Kisatchie National Park Bald Eagle cam? couldn’t believe your eyes the day 18 fish were on the nest? did you melt and worry when Kisatchie fledged? when Kincaid hatched this year? Well, Cody and Steve have more fun for everyone. You will be able to watch 2 Bald Eagle nests from the Louisiana! Here is the announcement:

Humans and wildlife rehabbers helping another juvenile eaglet so that it has a second chance at life. These stories are always welcome!

The fish have been arriving in various sizes to the Osoyoos nest. ‘H’ sent me a note this morning saying the tally was at least 13 yesterday. Olsen is keeping up the numbers and some of them had to be good a good size. Sometimes the chicks are full and sometimes they aren’t. The last fish for 2 August was delivered at 20:01. Dad brought it in and Big Chick (BC) grabbed the tasty little twiddler. Dad rooted around and found an old piece of fish and fed Little Chick (LC). The family is nourished and hydrated. They have a break in the weather for a few days. This is all good news.

Here comes Olsen! BC rushes over to get the little prize.

Fortunately for LC, Dad found a piece of fish and is feeding him while BC works on the twiddler. It is all good.

The fish started arriving at the Osoyoos nest around 0523. The first was a small one but it seems to have changed possession at least 6 or 7 times. BC has been grabbing and self-feeding. Soo got into the action so that her and LC had some breakfast too. It is starting off to be another great day at this nest with 7 fish before 00700. Thanks Olsen!

Beautiful Iris. She continues to work on her nest. Precious are these moments – every year we wait til she leaves and wonder if she will return in the spring after migration. 29 years?

There are no updates on L4. It is now presumed that it was another window strike on the Cornell Campus. That would mean that of the four eyases – three struck windows at Cornell whose Bird Lab is one of the world leaders. Of those three, two are in care and one died. It is time Cornell made its windows bird strike proof like all of us try to do. I have not see at this time 1052 CDT an image of the head of the juvenile believed to be ND17. Elsewhere things seem to be steady but that could change as I hit the word ‘publish’.

Thank you so much for joining me today. Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams, postings, videos, etc: Osoyoos Ospreys, Notre Dame Eagles FB, Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Park, Mlade Buky, The Eagle Club of Estonia and Looduskalender, Center for Wildlife, US Forest Service at the Kistachie NF, Port Lincoln Ospreys, and SF Bay Ospreys. They have been turned into my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh no Mary Ann! I was watching the video from yesterday when her and Mom Nuppu were the only ones on the nest. I wonder if it was the goshawk that got her? It’s so sad I can’t believe and she was so large too! I have thought since I first saw Nuppu’s attack on her that she was trying to get her to fledge. Nuppu knew the predators were there. She did not attack the other one but a small bit.
    Mostly the one that hadn’t fledged yet.
    Maybe my crazy thought was right after all. I didn’t write it because I was scared everyone would think my thought was crazy. I just couldn’t imagine any other reason for that awful attack.
    The osplet was so beautiful and she was loud too! Maybe too loud.
    May she Rest in Heavenly Peace. Amen ❤️🙏

    1. Hi Linda, You could be 100% correct. The adults do not normally attack their offspring and that could well have been the reason to get it to fly. Nuppu is a good mother so everyone was so distraught watching. But yes…it could have meant to get her to fly. It is dangerous if they cannot. Still watching the Janakkalan nest for the same reason.

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        Thank you Mary Ann for all the updates. I’m so glad to hear about ND17 being spotted and hope he is doing good. He really tried. ❤️
        Glad little sea eagles are not fighting too much. Maybe they will grow up together about the same size since both are eating well. 💕💕
        Good to see Mom and Dad on the Port Lincoln nest together. I was wondering about the gull under her. Thanks for explaining it to us.
        Hope the storks get enough food and all fledge. 🙏
        I hope we get an update on the little L3 and L4 soon 🙏🙏 prayers for them. ❤️❤️
        Thanks for all the beautiful photos and all the info on the nests Mary Ann! Take care and
        See you soon!

      2. You are so welcome. More pictures of the three ND fledglings and Little Bit hiding behind the branches. Yes, we wait impatiently for updates for sure…they never are able to come quick enough! Thank you so much for all your comments, Linda.

    2. Enth says:

      Hello, there was white tailed eagle present that day at #4 and has been visiting ever since, almost daily, even today.
      And a little correction, Nuppu actually attacked quite viciously also her female chick Una, not just (late) male chick Jouko. It can be seen very clearly on the clip later on.

      1. Dear Enth, Thank you for writing in and for your your comment. I wonder if it was the eagle that Nuppu was reacting to? what do you think? I did note that she did attack both chicks with ‘greatness’. The fledgling not quite so much as the younger. I note your concerns. Thank you. I do not know what the consensus is in Finland but in the circles here in North America and a couple of Osprey experts in the UK, it would appear that Nuppu’s attacks were meant to get them up and off and away from the nest. The sensing of impending danger and that was the only method she had at her disposal to try and save them. Sadly little Jouko perished. Is this your sense of events?

  2. Enth says:

    Hi Mary Ann,
    Thank you for replying. That could be the most logical explanation, I agree. She was literally trying to push Jouko and drag Una out of the nest, and after things cooled down a bit, she still didn’t let them come to center of the nest (in lack of better description) for a long time. I really appreciate your work to keep us bird / raptor enthusiasts up to date on what’s going on at different nest sites.

    1. You are so welcome, Enth. I had never seen anything like the attack Nuppu did with her chicks and it made no ‘human’ sense. I am so grateful that I have great people to ask. It is unthinkable and yet there had to be a reason. Of course many thought Nuppu had gone mad or didn’t recognize her chicks. I think now knowing what happened that the old hands that talked to me were so correct ——- she did everything she could to try and get those two off that nest even if it meant them ‘hating’ Mum or not understanding. Human terms there at the end. I am so sorry the little boy was lost and I hope that Titi is not next. Goshawks or the large eagles are very tenacious. Like the eagle that took Electra’s three osplets.

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