Goshawk attacks Poole Harbour osprey fledgling

5 August 2022

CJ7and Blue 022with 5H1 and 5H2 on 23 July 2022

Goshawks seem to wait until the osplets have nearly fledged or fledged to attack the nest. We saw this at nest #4 when Nuppu’s osplet who had yet to fledge was knocked off the nest and is presumed to be predated. We saw Goshawk attacks last year ending in the death of some adult ospreys and older chicks.

CJ7 and Blue 022 made history in Poole Harbour first by laying eggs, then hatching, and then fledgling two beautiful Ospreys – 5H1 and 5H2. Everything seemed to be going well.

Then the Goshawk attacked the nest a few minutes ago. CJ7 was perched on a nearby tree and flew in to engage the hawk intend on taking one of her chicks who was feeding on the nest. The fate of the chick, 5H2, remains unknown as I write this as does the fate of CJ7. It appears – in slomotion – that CJ7 had her talon in the goshawk and the hawk had its talon in 5H2. The nest is empty. It is hoped that they were able to get free and fly away safely.

Here is the amount of time it took to disrupt this nest by the predator. You absolutely can’t blink it is that quick. It began at 20:12:40.

Someone on chat asked who would win the fight. Unfortunately the Ospreys talons are not made for fighting but I am certain -since CJ7 waited so long to have a family -that she will fight viscously. We wait and hope.

Birds of Pool Harbour are on site and checking the situation. It is dark and there is not word on the Ospreys.

In other news, ‘H’ sent me a note that the camera at the Boathouse Ospreys is now working again. Thanks ‘H’.


  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Mary Ann, That is so very sad and all I can do is sigh another sigh. A couple of years ago I came across a You Tube video of an eaglet rescue. It was from a MN Eagle cam about 10 years ago. I don’t know the whole story, but the older sib fell off the nest and died. The little eaglet got stuck and was rescued, checked out and placed back in the nest. They were all hoping Mom and Dad would come back. Well, they did and there was a heartwarming moment between Mom and her chick. Anyway, his name was Harmon, and the video is called: Letting Harmon Go. He did fledge and at the end of the video he flew up and disappeared. (Speakers On)

    1. Oh, thank you for that wonderful rescue story! I think I will include it next week as one of the challenges. It is a beautiful rescue story. I shall go and find it.
      Yes, we await the news from Poole Harbour. I hope that they are alright just a little battered but nothing serious – if any issues. It is hard waiting.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks for this update on Poole Harbour Mary Ann! These goshawks are quick and wait till the chick is ready to fledge so it has enough to feed its own chicks. It’s very sad. They are the worse I have seen anywhere. So many chicks that we have seen loose their lives to goshawks. But we never hear of other ospreys or eagles bothering the goshawk nests chicks.
    I pray 5H2 and CJ7 are ok and got away from this predator 🙏❤️🙏❤️

    1. The ospreys wouldn’t want to bother them. They are not equipped with the right talons to fight. I suspect a Bald or Golden Eagle would destroy a Goshawk but I am not sure. I have seen other hawks attack their nests but they are formidable enemies.

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