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15 June 2023

Good Morning Everyone!

The inbox was bulging with happiness as each of you watched Little Mini at Patchogue eat its heart out Wednesday morning. My goodness, that little one even went back for seconds! More on Mini, later, but suffice it to say it made my day on Wednesday just a wee bit better.

The wildfire smoke is somewhat gone, the air outside is a little cleaner, and the skies are clear in southern Manitoba. There is no sign of the Blue Jay fledgling in the garden Tuesday evening, but I will check again as it gets late. Maybe. What a joy that little one was to observe! And the parents, too, keep a close watch. Overhead, at least 150 Canada Geese headed north to find space, food, and cooler temperatures. They might find some of this smoke from the burning fires. These are the ones without families to care for – so many, and this is not the first chevron of geese going over in the last week. So many without families this year. It is worrisome.

On Monday the 16th, I will be travelling north to do a Bald Eagle nest count. I hope to have some good images of wildlife for you on Tuesday. Today I am going to Delta Marsh on the southern tip of Lake Manitoba to see if I can find some shorebirds! Wish me luck. I will be out all day so hopefully, Little Mini will be persistent and get some nice fish.

Lewis was growling at the rain at couple of days ago.

Today he decided to play with his piece of Honeysuckle branch.

Missey just wants to remind everyone that she is ‘sweet’.

Both kittens remind everyone that planting a tree to remember someone or some pet is good for the environment!

Lewis and Missey also remind us that if you are doing some late spring cleaning, see if there is anything you have and don’t need that your local wildlife rehab clinic could use. It is incredible the things they need – check their wish lists and then also think of power tools to help build and repair buildings and fences. Anyone die recently leaving a lot of tools? Find out if the rehab can use them. What a lovely way to remember a loved one by donating to a good cause.

Wednesday turned out to be a mixed blessing day. We might as well start with the ‘good’ before I throw in a little of the sadness.

‘H’ reports that the Dahlgren Osprey platform and its osplets are doing fantastic. You can see the age difference in the plumage…this is good news.

It is day 41 for the second egg at Kent Island. I wonder if that one is unviable as well.

The other nests that ‘H’ has been monitoring are all doing well and she hopes that there are no turn arounds on them! Me, too.

Severna Park: Oh, we worried about Middle after we lost Little to siblicide but, things continue to go well. Middle is older and bigger and the pair are eating side by side. ‘H’ reports that fish are plentiful.

‘H’ reports that the Barnegat Light feeding 0944 to 1006:  The feeding was peaceful eating side by side until, at 0955 Big beaked and bit Little.  Little was able to return at 1001 and ate beside Big.  Total bites for Little = 60. (I hope this nest won’t go sour now, like so many others that started out peacefully).” We wait and see. Send good wishes..that Big one is rather vicious. Let them make it out of the reptile stage!

At the Cape May Osprey nest, it is day 38 for egg one and ‘H’ says we are on pip watch.

I spent the day checking on some nests that I monitor but do not often report on – or a few even that have fallen through the cracks for one reason or another. At the Collins Marsh nest in Wisconsin, there are three osplets for what I believe to be new adults at the osprey platform near the local nature centre. This nest is very difficult to watch as fish are not always plentiful – at all! Malin, the only surviving osplet, force fledged in 2021. I criticised the local caretaker consistently because help was not at hand and the little one died on the ground. There is a new person at the nature centre. I hope if there are issues they will get out and look for those babies on the ground! The nest is on top of a fire tower that was moved. There is no perch and access to the desk would be difficult (or so I was told by the last caretaker – I don’t believe it!).

No chicks yet at Fortis Exshaw near Canmore, Alberta. You can see the fires burning in the distance. It was raining when I checked in. That is good…no chicks! Bad for little ones.

What you are seeing below is the Marsh Meadows osprey platform in Jamestown, Rhode Island. It is one of several nests on Conanicut Island. The three eggs hatched on May 29, 29, and 1 June. By the 7th of June, all three chicks were dead. Was it starvation by parental neglect? or was it starvation through mitigating circumstances – male was missing?

Both adults were on the nest this morning so, since the male is not missing (so he did not die of Avian Flu as suggested on 7 June), did the chicks die of starvation from inexperienced parents?

Bay and Beau’s two little osplets at Island Beach are doing well.

The three at Wolf Bay, Alabama are thriving. Gosh, look at those three big osplets!

The three at Oyster Bay should be getting along but, there is often beaking.

Dad delivering a fish to the Oceanside, NY, Osprey platform.

Two chicks at Seaside. So far so good.

‘H’ reports that both of the Patuxent River Park Osprey nests have osplets that are full and civil!

I just caught the Dad at Patuxent II bringing in a monster of a fish at 2002. Wow.

Oh, just sit down and cry – joyful tears. It really is OK. Newmann is feeding his peregrine falcon babies. Their Mum, Savanna was killed protecting her nest from a GHO. Newmann has called Savanna and called her and is now taking full responsibility for their last chicks together.

Dale Hollow DH17 has been caught on cam and appears to be doing quite well. River has a new mate (or so it appears). Only time will tell if she rebuilds at the original nest she shared with her partner, Obey, who disappeared this spring.

Bonus and Waba are on the move (slightly).

Now, let’s take a look at Little Mini at Patchogue. Is the saying ‘The Early Bird gets the fish’ applicable? Mini did well for when the Big ones were sleeping. That early fish that landed on the nest at 0536 was a bonus. Little Mini ate, then the Bigs woke up, and by 0639 Little Mini decided he would go back to the table for seconds. He finished eating at 0652. Mini got some from the 0846 delivery between 0908 and 0912. He had nothing from the 1526 delivery. He was in submission. At 1537 two of the Big siblings are having a tug o war with the fish. Then it rains. During some of this time Little Mini seems to be shoved down and around. Parents are trying to encourage self-feeding amongst the big siblings. This may or may not be an issue for Mini. If he can get those early feeds, he is OK.

According to someone on the chat there are three lakes nearby and 2 creeks connected to the bay. Should be lots of good fishing.


0639 Up for seconds.

0652. Full. Leaving the table for the second time.

0912. Enjoying a meal. How does it feel to go hungry and see all the other siblings fed. I hope Little Mini feels full and alive this morning!

Later…after ‘they’ wake up. LOL.

1536. Mini shut out.

1537. Tug o war for the fish.

Fish – teasers and big fish – land at the Patchogue nest after the rain and all the time that big chunk of fish is still on the nest. Mini is quick to take opportunities when the Big ones show no interest. Mum feeds a small live fish at 1723 and then moves to the big chunk left at 1736. Mini rushes and is at the beak at 1737 . He ate until 1751ish. Then another big fish comes on the nest at 1800. Mini is right there – two big pieces of fish. He starts getting fed at 1802 and is moved out of the way at 1830. We should really see some growth in Mini by Friday with all this fish.

Smart Mini. He is filling his crop and then dropping it so he can hold more fish. I hope Mum has a good look at this persistent third hatch. It reminds me of Tiny Tot Tumbles from Achieva or Blue 464 from Foulshaw Moss. A Survivor.

Mini had a really good day and he is going to sleep well tonight. Happy Osplet dreams, Mini.

Mini was up and had an enormous crop Thursday morning…way to go Mini! Dad came through at Patchogue with three large fish by 0959.

Speaking of the Foulshaw Moss nest, White YW and Blue 35 have three osplets again this year.

At the Boulder County Fairgrounds, a team feeding by the adults really helped the third hatch, Little, who has been beaked and shut out from most feedings. This nest is still problematic…and each pulls at our heart.

After…this little guy is really struggling. Send your best wishes that they team up to feed the chicks until Little is old enough to hold its own.

At the SWFlorida Eagle nest, M15 visits. Unclear if E22 is still around. Not seen at the nest for a couple of days. M15 will not leave the area until E22 is known to be gone. M15 has taken his parental duties very seriously since Harriet went missing in early February. Thanks Vijay!

The Ms are well…growing up on Big Red and Arthur’s nest. Fledge watch is what? a week away? They may be big but, when the rain came they all wanted under Mum! Oak leaves. Across Tower Road there are Oak Trees. Big Red likes her chicks, when they fledge, to fly to those trees. The eyases have imprinted everything from the type of prey that is safe to eat to now these leaves. (The pine is for insects).

Big Red’s E3 was out doing an educational visit today.

Murphy is enjoying the life of a single foster dad now…it is quiet and no one takes his food!

There is now only one eaglet in the Estonia hybrid eagle nest. ‘T’ explains: “Good news in Estonia is that the baby hatched in the nest of Greater and Lesser Spotted eagles. There are not enough Greater Spotted eagles, and many of them are lost during their massive European-African migration. They create mixed couples. This nest, in Harju County, Estonia, was the nest of male Tõnn, who used this nest since 2016. Sadly, Tõnn, did not return from Spain in 2020. We don’t know what happened to him.”

Here the chick is taking a mouse form one of the adults.

‘T’ writes that the Russian Ornithologist “Michail Korepov went to the National Park “Sengileevskiye Gory” to check the breeding situation of large raptors. So this year, they found 12 white tail eaglets, 6 owlets and 2 Imperial eaglets – they are growing up in the national park! And the number is not including 2 chicks of Altyn and Altynay.” Very good news on trying to increase the population of these critically endangered raptors for the area.

‘A’ has been keeping an eye on Deyani and writes, “Meanwhile, there are either storms on the way or Angel is having a sudden burst of empty nest syndrome at the thought of Deyani fledging, because at 7.30pm, Deyani has an OBSCENE crop and the nest is FULL of prey. A rabbit, a vole and something unrecognisable are literally filling the nest bowl. I have NEVER seen this on this nest. Any food that arrives is dealt with in seconds by Deyani and nestovers are non-existent. But not tonight. Angel is attempting to tempt Deyani, who is taking the occasional small mouthful from her, but essentially, mum and daughter are standing side by side at the back of the nest, surveying the smorgasbord spread out at their feet. Deyani is going to have to find an appetite if she is to sleep on that nest tonight. It is just after 9.30am here in Melbourne, and it is another cold day. Sunny thus far, but that will change apparently.”

Baby bunnies. They seem to have cleared out an entire nest! Oh, dear.

‘H’ reports that Mini at the Forsythe Nest had only 30 bites on Wednesday. It is, as she says ‘feast or famine’ for this little one.

The third hatch at the Evergy Topeka Falcon scrape still has feather issues. The feathers have grown but have not broken the shaft and it is having difficulty jumping up to the ledge of the scrape to get food.

Will be sending a note to Evergy. The little one tried to jump up to the perch so it could have prey but failed…

Everything about Peregrine Falcons in a nutshell:

Just look who has returned to the Cal Falcons scrape!

Doug Gillard reports on the little Red-tail hawk, Tuffy, let that has survived in the Bald Eagle Nest with his foster sibling, Lola.

Kathryn reports that one of the goshawks in Estonia has branched. She adds, “I have somehow watched this nest since the eggs were laid and I thought none of them would hatch since they were left out in the cold so often! But look at them now!” Beautiful hawks.

At the Black Kite nest in the Kurzeme Forest, the only chick of Gold and Griegis is doing well.

Dulles-Greenway gives us an update on Pat, the eaglet of Rosa and Martin, that is in care.

Meanwhile, Pi and Flora are being fed by the adults in the wetlands.

Each of us needs to know that what we do matters. We can change the lives of our raptors, but we have to take action. Sometimes it is simply ‘baby steps’ towards our goal, but each success will lead to another. We must realise and inform others that the fate of our wildlife, our beloved raptors depends on us because most of their challenges are human-caused.

Thank you to everyone for being with me today. Please take care. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their notes, videos, posts, and streaming cams that helped me to write my blog today: ‘A, Geemeff, H, Kathryn, T’, Dahlgren Ospreys, Severna Park Ospreys, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ, Collins Marsh Ospreys, Fortis Exshaw, Marsh Meadows, island Beach Ospreys, Wolf Bay Ospreys, PSEG, Oceanside Ospreys, Seaside ospreys, Patuxent River Part Ospreys, Lachelle Koestert and Peregrine Falcons at Great Spirit Bluff, Aliengirl and Bale Eagle Live Nests and Cams, Maria Marika FB, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Boulder County Fairgrounds Ospreys, SW Florida Eagle Cam, Vijay and SW Florida Eagle Cam, Cornell RTH, Cornell Cam Chatters, World Bird Sanctuary, Eagle Club of Estonia, Looduskalender Forum, Window to Wildlife, Evergy Topeka Falcon Cam, SK Hideaways and Cal Falcons, Canadian Peregrine Falcon Foundation, Doug Gillard and Nor Cal Birding, Latvian Fund for Nature, Dulles-Greenaway and Forstythe Ospreys.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for all the news and updates on all! Nice photos of the kittens! Missy and Lewis are so cute! And funny! ❤️❤️ That picture of Lewis is a winner too! Be sure and frame that one! Missy looks so cute and sweet too!
    Thank goodness Minit at the Pathogue nest in New York is doing good and getting fed early while the bigs are still sleepy! Prayers for the little ones at the nests where they need feeding and sibling rivalry occurs. 🙏
    Big Reds littles are so pretty and not little anymore! Please don’t fledge too soon little ones! The educational one is so pretty too!
    Thanks Mary Ann and have a good evening and we hope to see you here again soon with the new updates! Take care!

    1. You are so very welcome, Linda. Let us continue to hope that those nests that have chicks near fledge continue to do well and that the babies thrive and live long productive lives!

  2. Mario says:

    Hi Mary Ann,
    Thanks for keeping us informed on what’s going on in these nests. Your reports on “Mini” have been like a soap opera, so I decided a few days ago to check out the Patchouge nest for myself. Mini is quite the character very vocal and aware of his surroundings. At one point today he was being fed while wedged between the edge of the nest and his mother. On the other side of his mother was one of his siblings. The sibling kept seeing food disappear to the other side. He/she knew it was Mini but couldn’t get at him, it was funny. Then an ambulance passed by on the street and when Mini heard the siren he went into submissive mode for a while. I think Mini is the only one that goes into submissive mode when he hears a siren. Mini is growing quickly and it looks like the fish are abundant in that area, so I think we can start to relax a bit. Mini will be fine.

    1. Yes, absolutely. Little Mini is such a character. He is very clever! It was only this week that I began to feel that this one would ‘make it’. The others have actually plateaued in terms of their grown except for Third. Mini still needs lots and lots of fish as he is in a super accelerated period of growth. But, yes, you are correct. It appears that as long as the fish continue to come in and the pattern continues, he will fledge and we will all cheer. I am so glad that you are reading the blog and watching the nests! Thanks for writing in!

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